background image
A Guillemot flies close to the cliffs on the Isle of May, Scotland
Puffin view
A Puffin looks over the ocean in Hermaness, Shetland, Scotland
Puffin at rest
A Puffin rests on a rock on the Isle of May, Scotland
Shag wings
A Shag dries its wings on Mousa, Shetland, Scotland
A Fulmar spreads its wings in Sumburgh, Shetland, Scotland
Bartrailed Godwits
Three Bartailed Godwits fly in unison along the shoreline on the north Norfolk Coast, England
Little Tern
A Little Tern hovers over potential prey in Minsmere, Suffolk, England
Arctic Tern
An Arctic Tern calls aggressively in the Isle of May, Scotland
Curlew feeding
A Curlew feeds extensively in a small harbour brook in Norfolk, England
Ringed Plover
A Ringed Plover briefly pauses during a bathing session in North Uist, Scotland
Turtle Dove
A Turtle Dove perches on an old tree branch during a brief rain shower in Bedfordshire, England
Mute Swan
A Mute Swan swims aggressively in Cumbria, England
Grey heron
A Grey Heron flies over a lake in Hertfordshire, England
Robin in the snow
A Robin perches on a snowy perch during a snow storm in Bedfordshire, England
Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding a chick
A Great Spotted Woodpecker feeds its chick in Bedfordshire, England
Kingfisher with a fish
A Kingfisher holds a fish in her beak prior to feeding her chicks
Red Shank
A Red Shank calls across the matter in North Uist, Scotland
Golden Plover
A Golden Plover prances on a tussock in Fetlar, Shetland, Scotland
Pheasant in long grass
A pheasant walks slowly through long grass in Mainland, Orkney
A Capercaillie searches for a mate in the forest in Kuusamo, Finland