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Bluebell Wood
Bluebells bloom in a woodland in Bedfordshire, England
Cotton Grass
Cotton Grass graces the moorland on Mainland, Orkney
Lady Slipper Orchid bloom
A wild Lady Slipper Orchid plant blooms in Lancashire, England
Lady Slipper Orchid catching the light
A single Lady Slipper Orchid catches the light in Lancashire, England
Hoverfly on a daisy
A Hoverfly sits on a daisy on the Isle of May in the Firth of Forth, Scotland
Northern Marsh Orchid
A Northern Marsh Orchid growing on the side of a small country road in Mainland, Orkney
A Pasqueflower growing in Hertfordshire, England
Pasqueflower with a Honey Bee
A Honey Bee nectares on a Pasqueflower in Hertfordshire, England
Pasqueflower in bloom
A Pasqueflower blooms in Hertfordshire, England
Pasqueflower purple
A Pasqueflower with a deep purple bell in Hertfordshire, England
Boreal forest
Boreal forest in Viiksimo, Finland
Forest sunlight
Rays of light penetrate the thick forest glade in Viiksimo, Finland